Live Sheep export and Lamb production

One of the largest producers and exporters of freshly chilled lamb and mutton in the Caucasus region.

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Purchase of high-quality sheep from CIS countries

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Production of meat with the highest standards


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Frater International Corporation was established in Georgia. we’ve been working tirelessly in the field of livestock and meat production in specific. Having years of experience in this field and customers from all over the Middle East, have made us a recognizable force in this business.

The managing team of Frater International Corporation closely supervises and coordinates the work details only to make sure that the best products and services are provided with the highest quality that our customer demands.

Our company is focusing on the present opportunities while keeping an eye on the future at the same time. As we are providing our customers with the highest quality of meat and sheep, we are also focusing on expanding our market and supplying customers in more countries around the Middle-East based on their specific quality and regulation demands which are different from one country to the other.

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Our Services


Our long time collaborations with shepherds in the Caucasus region has resulted in a professional working relationship in which they provide us the highest quality of sheep from the Caucasus region, and Russia according to the needs of our customers related to breeding, weight, gender, and other specifications in the best available prices in each season.


We collaborate with slaughterhouses in the Caucasus region, Russia, and Kazakhstan which are well equipped with modern slaughtering lines for a fast slaughter which people assigned on the lines for quality checks, and powerful refrigerators which chill the meat to the optimal temperature. The meat will then be packaged with high-quality stockinette, labeled, and ready to export.


The logistics team at our company receives quotes from different freight forwarders to provide the lowest price to our customer’s destinations. whether it’s by air, land, and sea. Export documents, veterinary certificate, HALAL certificate (if needed), certificate of origin, and declaration will all be prepared by us which ensures a hassle-free export experience for our customer.

See our Work

We have provided several pictures of our live sheep and meat production process which includes packaging and transportation which are all according to different specifications and demands from our customers depending on their location and the type of meat they requested. Considering the size of our operations, we are open to making adjustments as requested.

















































































Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors that can affect the price of the sheep & meat?
  • Season
  • Weight
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Breed
  • Method of transportation
  • Order quantity
What sheep origins can you offer?
  • Georgia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Russia
  • Kazakhstan
What is the weight range of meat and sheep that you can offer?

Depends on the Season

  • Live from 24 Kg to 60 Kg
  • Meat from 10 Kg to 30 Kg 

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Bldg 18, Bochorma St, Tbilisi
+995 592 435 278

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